Spiritual Cleanse

Spiritual Bathing
Always take a soap bath prior to a spiritual bath.

Spiritual bathing is a good way to cleanse your spiritual body, fortify the spirit, detach, nourish & rebalance.

Spiritual bathing is recommended when encountering negativity, fatigue, depression, anxiety, fear of any kind, or after a "negative" experience.
Place (1/2 cup-1 cup) of herbs in a pot & pour hot water over them.
Allow the herbs to steep for 15 minutes, next you will pour infusion into bath water.
Submerge in the water while practicing breath work.

To detach and cleanse all blockages pour the water over your head.
Add crystals, flowers and candles to the experience if you are led to do so.  
SOAK for at least 15 minutes in the healing water. 
(Sing, Cry, Meditate, Visualize)
This is your expression pretaining your intention. 
As you let the water go down the drain visualize your problems washing away. 
Always clean the tub afterwards.