Goddess Locs

It is through the crown chakra that we receive divine wisdom and consciouness of the cosmos!
Hair Styling is a common means of cultural expression! Ancient deities are depicted with long flowing hair as a sign of power, divinty & devotion! 
Hair is an extention of our living selves, our antennas. 
Hair is an amazing gift of nature that can actually raise the creative life force energy within, which increases intuition, vitality & balance. 
Did you Know... The porous bones of the forehead transmit light to the pineal gland, affecting brain activty, thyroids & sexual hormones?
Long ago, people didnt cut their hair, it was recognized as a sign of slavery. 
Growing your hair naturally creates more efficient memory and leads to greater energy, stamina & patience. In addition, your antennas gather & channel the suns energy to the frontal lobe for meditation & visualization.
Goddess Locs were created to encourage long hair. To promote Tribal Culture, strength & protection. 
These adjustable locs take you on a journey.

Sahasrara. The Crown.