Chakra Balance


Root/Base Chakra : Red
- Safety, Security, Survival, Trust, Instinct, Family, Stability, Ancestors, Physical Wellness, Will energy, Kundalini

*Associated with kidney health & Spinal Column *

Sacral Chakra :  Orange
- Life force, Vital energy, Flexibility, Creativity, Relationships, Desires, Addictions, Sexuality, Pleasure, Passion, Self Acceptance, Gratitude. 

*Associated with Sex organs *

Solar Plexus: Yellow 
- Main power center! Astral force, Emotion, Desire, Touch,  Connected to personal power, Inner Strength, Self Mastery, Confidence, Courage, Free Will, Determination. 

*Associated with stomach, liver, gallbladder & nervous system *
Heart : Green 
-Encompasses all matters relating to the heart. Signifies unconditional love of self & others. Inner Child, Acceptance, Compassion & Group Consciousness

*Associated with heart, circulatory system,blood & vagus nerve *
Throat : Blue
- Sound, Creative energy, Express your truths clearly, listen effectively & aligned to souls purpose.

*Associated with breathing aparatus & alimentary canal *
Third Eye : Indigo/Violet
-Soul force, Vision, Magnetic, Light, Intuition, Enables you to see the truth in every situation, Meditation, Dreams, Clarity, Awareness, Spiritual insight, Psychic development.

*Associated with lower brain, left eye, nose, nervous system *
Crown : White/Violet/Purple
- Connection to source. Spiritual will, Dynamic, Peace, Clarity, Bliss, Spiritual Awareness, Divine Knowledge & Wisdom. 

*Associated with Upper brain & right eye*
Crystal Quartz: Master Healer, Positive Energy, Protection, Power, Cleansing, Psychic Abilities